Mold Remediation requires an understanding of the location of contamination and the reason why

growth initially occurred. It can be controlled by adjusting indoor humidity levels. Mold often flourishes

in places you’d least expect. GIGI Environmental can provide accurate detection and removal, keeping

the property free from contamination. By implementing environmental controls we can avoid any

future possible health hazard. We will test the air quality after the job is completed to insure that the air

does not pose a health risk. We understand the importance of safe, clean air and we have the tools to

make it a reality. Toxic mold will affect everyone that is exposed. Reported effects from toxic mold have

been extensive and range from eye, nose and throat irritation. Some of the most effective technology

developments in the industry are utilized so that we can guarantee that your facility will be free of any

mold contaminates. GIGI Environmental can provide a fast and efficient response to quickly inspect or

remediate any asbestos abatement project in a professional, timely manner.